How can we help you?


How we can help you with your project

Our work area is from Hoorn to Haarlem with a clear focus on the Zaanstreek-Waterland and Amsterdam regions.

We can assist you during your whole building project; turn-key from trying the development plan with your local authority up to and including flooring and adjusting the curtain rails.


Because of our extensive experience in the private sector, we can always supply you with an honest advice regarding your extension or reconstruction project, whether this involves your complete residence or just separate (bath)rooms.

This also includes recommending raw materials, what kinds or dimensions of window frames, garden doors, sliding doors, tilt windows, heating and isolation and activities like decorative plastering and paint jobs. We can also assist you in finding the best possible use of the available space layout and decoration wise.

Building foundation

  • driving of wooden piles with concrete or steel components
  • reinforced concrete foundations and isolation or floor heating
  • replacing facades with steel constructions
  • custom made stainless steel gates and fences
  • masonry of inside and outside walls of aerated concrete or bricks

Roof extensions

  • wooden roof structures with isolation and covering
  • extra rooms on flat roof houses


  • aerated concrete and brick partitions or wooden structures with Trespa exterior
  • placement of skylights or Solatubes for additional visibility
  • renovation of window frames and doors with either wood, aluminium of synthetic materials
  • reconstructing living rooms and bedrooms with extra partitions and windows
  • renewing and extending existing sheds, storage spaces and garages
  • flooring in living, working and sleeping areas
  • replacing or renewing stair cases (wood or steel)
  • raising hard wood fences, patio's and platforms

Indoor plumbing

  • rebuilding or renewing existing bathrooms inside spare bedrooms
  • pipe installations, separating partitions in toilets and walk-in shower spaces with easydrain
  • tiling and installing taps, faucets, (hanging) toilets, shower curtains and light fixtures
  • eletrical work and heating


  • walls, ceilings and floors
  • plastering and tiling
  • levelling floors
  • installing floor radiation heating

  • Everything else...

    Do you have a concept or an idea for a building project and are you looking for some thorough and yet non-binding advice? It's always worth your while to get in touch with us to see if we can be of any assistance to you!

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